Bed Bug FeedingPest control is an absolute necessary in certain climates, especially desert climates such as Arizona. However, what most people do not realize is that most exterminators use sprays and pastes that are nothing more than a chemical cocktail that can cause illness in animals, as well as people with compromised immune systems, along with the very young. Exterminators may ask people to cover open containers and remove pets from the home because the chemicals they use are actually rather harmful. The reason that chemicals are used is because they are inexpensive, even though some insects, especially bedbugs in Phoenix, are immune to most synthetic chemicals.

Nevertheless, there are many safe and natural compounds that can be used and are better at eliminating insects than chemicals. A Phoenix green home pest control company that understands how much better organic products are than toxic chemicals is one that understands how to deal with all pests, without adding more poison to the ozone or harming peoples pets. This is because natural pesticides use only completely organic botanical products that have been proven effective against insects, while being harmless to people and pets.

People know that Phoenix bed bugs are a real issue because they are something of an endemic, due to the climate and how many people that travel through the city, not realizing that they are transporting more bedbugs into town. However, due to the products that have been used numerous times in an attempt to eradicate the pests, most of the traditional insecticides do not work against them.

bed bugsHowever, people in Phoenix do not need to worry about being plagued by bedbugs any longer. Green Home Pest Control knows exactly what plant-derived chemicals to use in order to not only eradicate bed bug infestations, but prevent them from returning as well. Certain organic, plant oil-derived products have been proven numerous times to not only kill bedbugs, but prevent them from re-infesting a home. In nature, there are many plants that are toxic to insects and they use the oils extracted from those plants in order to prevent the insects from returning.

The company also realizes that many people have pets, some of which -such as fish and caged rodents- that cannot easily be removed from the home when the exterminator arrives. Therefore, they have taken great measures to ensure that the botanical compounds and extracts they use will not adversely affect the health of pets and people. The products they use only affect the pests that they are getting rid of.