Basic History About Exotic Dance

Exotic dance forms date back to more than 20,000 years ago, at least that is what was derived from watching some ancient cave paintings that are found in the south of France. It has not been determined if the dances were for impressing the Gods or for finding a mate. In the Roman and Greek era these dances were always performed by beautiful and sexy women.

The dances were normally performed for the high priestess and used to help souls enter into a realm of spirituality. The sexual intensity of the dances was so high that women often reached orgasms. At first, in the earlier days, these dances were usually held in public places. It wasn’t until the Roman and Greek area that the exotic dances became popular and were used at parties, banquets and for private performances. During the twentieth century, exotic dances were looked upon as something taboo, especially by the religious sectors.

These dances and dancers were met with a constant backlash from law enforcers and state politicians who wanted this mode of dance abolished. The dances were considered illegal and many of the establishments that allowed this form entertainment were burned down. In today’s society, exotic dance has become an excepted art form as well as a way of self expression. It is also used in many exercise programs as a means of staying fit and in shape.

Exotic dance for everyone

Some women are engaging in exotic dance with strippers in Cincinnati today as a way to improve their mental stability, to enhance their inner being and enjoy a luxury income. Doing forms of exotic dance can also increase endurance levels and flexibility. You will find exotic dance forms in bars, clubs, strip clubs, in theater and movies. These dances are not just for men anymore, they are also performed for female enjoyment as well. At bachelor and bachelorette parties, these dances are big excitement. You can even find them at private office parties. Both men and women perform sexually exotic and erotic dance.

This is not a gender specific activity any more. The dances themselves are varied and cover a broad scope. From cage dancing, striptease, burlesque, belly dancing and pole dancing, the dance form is sensuous and guaranteed to arouse even the most prudish individual. Clubs and bars today operate under strict laws to protect the performers and themselves from any seen and unseen dangers