Cage Dancing, Strip Tease and Burlesque

Cage dancing is an exotic dance for where in the performer dances inside a cage while being ogled by onlookers. This is a safe dance and the dancer can dance as freely as she desires because no hands or other objects will get into the cage during performance. Pleasures will still be obtained and those who are inquisitive will be satisfied.

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Strip tease is somewhat different. In this dance the performer partially or completely takes off her clothes. This is done gradually and sexually by removing one piece of garment at a time. This can be prolonged by the dancer wearing extra clothing onto the stage. Whether to remove just a little clothing or everything and be completely nude is the club or performers preference. The dancer moves suggestively, and slowly, stirring up anticipation in her adult audience. Strip tease is also used as foreplay between sexual partners. Strip tease and public nudity fall under certain legal restrictions and the venues must be licensed.

Burlesque in the early years was more like watching something from literature or a musical. The performers wer adorned in long centric and gawdy attire. It gained popularity when the dress hems got shorter. Burlesque dancers wore feathers and boas as they danced across the stage. Like strip tease, it became a dance in which performers slowly and seductively undressed. This dance form the most in demand performance in New York. In famous burlesque feather dance, the audience was never sure if the dancer was dressed or nude. This peaked their excitement.