Pole Dancing, Table Dancing, Lap Dancing and Belly Dancing

Exotic performers like to heighten the arousal of their audience by mastering the pole dance. Dancers roll on, climb up, swirl around and slide down the pole. This takes precision and concentration. Pole dancing is used in more than clubs today. Some people have them in their homes and use them for exercise or as a sex aide to influence passion. This dance is a combination of dance and acrobatics using a pole.

You will find that the table dance is mostly used at office and private parties. The dancers positions herself on a table and begins to full fill every ones most intimate fantasy. This can also be done in clubs and pubs but the performers safety will be at risk.

The lap dance is probably the exotic dance that is truly up close and personal. The dancer straddles the lap of the targeted male and gyrates back and forth, side to side and up and down until desires mount. This is performed in clubs and bars all over the world.

Belly dancing is an exotic dance that can be performed in any venue. It is also a very active way to stay in shape. Belly dancer believe that by parting the lips all tension will be released. The feet are the foundation to belly dancing. The performer gets into the music, dances with no inhibitions, and pivots the hip just right. The belly is relaxed and following the tone of the rest of the body.